This absolute doll could not take a bad photo if she tried. We decided to explore some downtown architecture and a cozy outdoor café for Ellsa's first location. Her style and personality shined and made for such a fun session, hence the tomato tossing! We ended the evening on Mater Dei's turf field to display all her soccer accomplishments. And of course...I said YES to bringing their pup!

I shot this darling couple's wedding a little over a year ago and was so excited when they called about baby Maverick's arrival! As many of you know, I have transitioned out of Newborn Photography, but I am always more than willing to work with your angel's when they're 3 months and up! A family lifestyle session is a great way to track baby's growth and milestones.

It was amazing to see these two as parents and I cannot wait to watch them continue to grow as a family.

First of about an adventurous couple. When Emily and Collin pulled up in his truck, I had a feeling it was about to be a fun one. We started our evening with sweet kisses and walks through the beautiful grasses of Bluegrass. We shared lots of laughs and I was all too obsessed with Collin's freckles. Keep scrolling down to see what I'm talking about. I've love love love freckles.

I asked them if they would be interested in going for an evening swim and without hesitation they said "YES," and I am so so glad they did. Together, we braved the mossy lake water at sunset and had tons of fun doing it. They drove home in a little less clothing than they arrived in, but they had a freaking blast and that's what it's all about. Sooo, without further ado, enjoy the most adventurous session of the season.

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