Straying from Tradition

When you think of a wedding, the mind quickly takes you through the big production. Hundreds of guests. A bride in white. A suited man. Vibrant floral arrangements. Decorations stretching the length of a grand church or ballroom. However, this year has challenged the wedding industry, engaged couples included, to rethink the norm.

I have always been drawn to the idea of an elopement, or a more intimate wedding. A woman in whatever color she feels best in. A location that speaks to the couple's hearts. Sweet and simple details that allow a couple to take the main focus. Close family and friends (or even just the bride and groom) along for the ride.

This bridal shoot pushes boundaries. I hope it encourages anyone on the fence about taking this route to further explore that. As my brand continues to grow and take shape, I am finding what makes my soul happiest. Sooo...starting in 2022, I will be primarily booking non-traditional weddings and elopements! I'm anxious, in the very best way, to dive in creatively and make your elopement dreams come true.

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